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If you think websites will be made for desktop, u are sooo wrong. Proof

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Comcast is trying to own everything, will they succeed??

Mobile Specs war already over or just starting??

Let’s start with the question right away- “how far the mobile performance can improve from here on?”.

Samsung s5 says that it has more performance improvements than any other galaxy mobiles in the past, but what difference a user will be feeling by comparing the last and current models.

John Gruber was damn right on the incremental innovation , which is the way forward, 10years before we had 128mb memory mobiles and today we have 128gigs memory devices , great and must needed improvement,but what about next 10 years??

I was very exited to use a windows xp(yep) machine when we bought it 10 years earlier, it was very faster to me at that time, it’s configs were exactly equal to the iPhone 4S configs. But when we compare the performances, iPhone beats my machine 100:1(though we cannot compare them apple to Apple, and we really can’t compare ios and xo). But in Today’s case its different , my new iPad is already snappy and it opens apps in a jiffy, it’s way to faster from a windows desktop machine that i use everyday. Mobile is the only way going forward.I can’t imagine how faster it can go in the distant future. This brings us to the question of how fast is the real FAST.

If history proves right , companies will go on adding more and more ram, processor , chips to the mobile devices and the differences we feel between the versions (5,5s) would be very minimal or none. So what’s going to make the difference in devices from here on. Am putting some points to the below.

Improvement list.

1) Performance - already over or little more to add.
2) Camera -lot of potential , mobile cameras might beat SLR’s in distant future, since they have already beaten up point and shoots.
3) Enterprise apps- Way to go, I want to replace my work machine with a full powered iPad(pro?).
4) Health devices/apps- War is just starting
5) App ecosystem - this one will be always on.

To put in a single line ,the future mobile devices will be much smarter in the future than much faster .


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neum periya blogger aganumnu pakra ? ? yethachu panikitu than iruka ?


Ha ha ha, try pannuvom , pannite irupom

A New Glue For A New Kingdom


To me, the most exciting part of the Facebook/WhatsApp deal has nothing to do with the deal itself. Instead, I’m excited about the ramifications of such a deal. And I’m not talking about Facebook or WhatsApp here either. History will ultimately prove that deal genius or folly. But more importantly, I know that a deal like this has other people talking, thinking, and building.

The last group is key, but let me start with the first group. Once the fervor around the deal itself died down, we got a couple of compelling posts from the likes of Benedict Evans and riffing on it, John Lilly. Incidentally, both are now VCs. But neither started out that way, and both have long histories of solid thinking and writing.

Both understand that the Facebook/WhatsApp deal is simply the strongest signal yet that we’ve fully entered a new age in the world of computing where mobile is now the kingdom. And the $19 billion price tag simply shows that there isn’t yet a king.

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