• Me : Yo
  • Siri : there is an app for that!!!!

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It’s season 4 and Jon Snow still knows nothing.

He’ll learn.

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WWDC 14 Takeaways

Holy “Swift”….Continuity…..Extensions…..Health Kit(book?!)…Photos….Messages….Keyboards……Yosemite…iOS 8

Old Wine in new Bottle? May be , but this is the openest Apple i have ever seen.

If anyone have thought that there will be a new hardware introduced in WWDC, they are in for surprise( god i hoped that there will be atleast one piece of hardware).. But is it a disappointment? NO…Apple’s Keynote presentation lasted for about two hours (1:52:00) and they didn’t had enough time to out these awesome features on stage

  • Wi-Fi calling support
  • iTunes content purchases with Siri(Hey Siri, Buy me new Beyonce’s Album, zooop..done)
  • Instant burst camera mode

And there are 20 more :) - http://bgr.com/2014/06/02/secret-ios-8-features/ 

But the main takeaways are given below

  • Apple sucks at cloud?! - NO MORE, 90% of the features introduced with iOS 8 is associated with cloud and dropbox is already in tears.
  • 3rd party integration - Keyboards-tick,apps calling other apps-tick,Touch id integration-tick( we are coming for you Androids)
  • Holy Swift - New Language, new Era. Lot of young folks (13-17) in this WWDC and this new language signals a new ERA.
  • Health Kit - iWatch is coming - A health kit, An iPod,A communications Device , Are you getting this? 
  • Continuity- Make a call from iPhone, continue it on iMac, open a presentation and continue that on iPad and so on…..

I felt happy after this Keynote and waiting for the fall already.

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Disney’s GOT





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