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Browser - long gone

Web Browser - no matter what you are doing,it is the entry point of web, or at least till today. But this perception changes when you start using more apps inside the mobile eco system.

If you are a desk-topper or a pc guy who uses browser as an internet entry point, do not proceed further.

I started using my iPad as a full communication device sometime around march (note-not as a work machine) and the first thing that caught my attention is am not using a browser at all to visit websites. My normal leisure day would start with watching couple of videos on youtube app and then moves to reading the content in the websites.

Wait , did i say reading content in websites, that should be browsing the sites right? How can you do that without a browser? Well i use the below apps for reading interesting stuff on web.


And one thing common in all these apps is that they do not open a web browser and instead opens the pages in its own app(though it might have a underlying browser). Yup no more typing the website name, just add it once on Flipboard and we can swipe between the content.

So what does this means for the traditional web browsers? I would say it would see a slow and steady decline in the forthcoming years. But it won’t be visible since , they doesn’t include the usage metrics using these apps or devices.

So any alternatives? I would say that google or firefox should allow their web browser kits to be a part of any app(unless they are already doing it) .

But no matter what we say about the longitivtiy of the browsers, the way we access them will be long gone and it all started by Steve Jobs when he opened up the app store.

Hercules. Nice action packed movie which believes more in rock’s muscles than in the screenplay.

3d is good at some places, and it has all the cinematic tushes’ like puling the rocks and pushing the statues by rock.

Should they concentrate on the screenplay in second half, it would have been a bigger blockbuster(already one).

Go watch it(only if you are a rock fan), others go for a good time pass

Grand Budapest Hotel, a great movie with an exceptional background score. Quick wits and emotional at times. A grand master piece indeed.

All those period films makers should see this movie and take a note of how these folks carved the music.

Cinematography at its best i would say, esp. with the action sequences.

A girl starts reading a book which starts with an old man saying a story about hotel’s manager and in which the manger tells story of Budapest hotel to the old man in beginning. And it all ends when she finishes the book.

Must Watch


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